Why and Who?

If you already play piano and would like to do something special with your pieces, but aren't sure where to start, then my improvisation workshops are for you.  I can come to your school or church or any other group you belong to, and run improvisation workshops.  

When I was doing my Masters degree, I learned how to play in many different styles.  I also learned how to arrange and compose in various styles.  Working in a group is a lot of fun, where we can bounce ideas off each other; I always learn something too!


Book workshops

I very much like to tailor the workshops according to the group's needs.  Working in groups is also very economical.  The more participants, the smaller the fee.  

I am always happy to do new printed materials specifically for your group.  


Workshop fees
Negotiated based on the number of participants and your specific needs

Printed material
$20 per workshop booklet.